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Why Us?

Are you looking for high quality yet very affordable RF amplifiers for television, FM, and telecommunication applications? Or perhaps, you are searching for a connector manufacturer that will give you robust RF connectors that will meet your individual needs. Well, with Digital Broadcast Technologies, you can have confidence knowing that you are with the right company to supply you with innovative products that will meet your needs.

Digital Broadcast Technologies mainly focuses on 3 central challenges that are faced by the modern society – security, mobility and energy efficiency. Our company is offering communication solutions that are designed to promote the support the sharing of information between people. The top-of-the-line products offered by our company stand our due to their quality excellence, reliability, affordability and as well as their leading-edge and innovative technology.

Digital Broadcast Technologies is the leading manufacturer of connectors, especially RF amplifier products. Our sustained success in the communication products is actually attributed to our highly skilled and well-trained workers who are dedicated to delivering unsurpassed services to their clients. They have a profound understanding of the industry and long years of experience in designing and developing RF amplifier products.

Digital Broadcast Technologies – Leading Provider of Cutting-edge RF Connectors in Asia

Our standard line of advanced products has actually evolved continuously to meet all the challenging needs of emerging and current technologies. We design and manufacture all our products in Asia. We are very prominent in the industry for efficiently adapting our custom designing new solutions in order to match every unique project. We have designed and manufacturer different facilities and products across the globe, allowing flexibilities in meeting the price targets and deliver timetable of all our clients in various industries.

Digital Broadcast Technologies’ corporate culture of offering the radio, telecommunications, and television industry with most dependable and effective products started many years ago. We created, designed, tested, and manufactured different products for many years of continued use. Our commitment to reliable and quality products is manifested by those products that are still highly effective and in active service after many years of use.

Our excellent systems and quality management are critical components to the accuracy, high reliability, and performance of all the products that we provide. We have made a lot of unparalleled projects that set us apart from the competition, allowing us to be one of the most dependable suppliers and manufacturers of RF amplifier products in the industry.

We have a quality organization and unmatched customer service support that play a vital part on the success of our business. They both play a critical part all throughout the life cycle of our product and in ensuring that every customer will get the best service that he/she always deserves.

Digital Broadcast Technologies is dedicated to offering our global customers with Pallet Amplifiers, RF connectors, Feeder Clamps, Passive Parts, Grounding Kits, and other RF amplifier products that are innovative and environmentally compatible, and at the same time meeting our great commitment to reliability, performance and quality. Embrace creative solutions and change that will fit your situation with Digital Broadcast Technologies.