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With the high quality products that our company is providing for more than a decade of services, Digital Broadcast Technologies or DBT is driven in delivering more valuable and diverse products for various radio frequency and telecommunications applications.  Our products are known to be of high quality standards, which have been associated with more advanced technologies. We aim to serve our clients with excellent customer service, innovative and very convenient product solutions and engineering capabilities. The products that we are providing are designed to effectively respond to their needs of clients. These include:

RF Connectors

Our RF connectors are known to be one of the widely chosen types of connector. We are offering different types of connectors to suit the individual needs of our clients. We are giving them great choices with our standard types, miniature types, sub-miniature types, and all other types of connectors which are highly needed by people for radio frequency purposes. We are offering the people better RF connectors’ models that would cater to the needs of the people.


We also offer two types of jumper products — the superflexible jumper and the flexible-corrugated jumper. Our company always accept whatever type and size of jumper connector our customer is ordering from us having the assurance that all of which would always have air along with foam that would serve as their insulator for the effectiveness and clarity of their radio frequency.

Pallet Amplifier

The pallet amplifier that we offer is available in three types — the FM, UHF and the VHF. We are assured that through the help of any of these three types of amplifier radio frequency that people is aiming to acquire would be very specific and can be adopted and used to any types of radio systems. These are all compacted hence people are assured that this would be high on its quality and performance.

Mechanical Parts

When it comes to the mechanical parts and products, we are offering two types of heat sink that are of high quality and of different measures that would be very essential and convenient for radio frequency. These include the Aircool Aluminum Heat Sink, which is approximately 600 mm wide with 100mm of height, and Liquid Cool Aluminum type of Heat Sink that ranges from 800 mm wide.  Our company always accepts any order of these mechanical parts depending on the customer’s inquiry.

Passive Parts

Some of the passive parts products that we are providing are the filters, splitters, and the couplers. We also have bandpass filter and the channel combiners as part of our products. Providing these particular parts of the people is very essential since these would be one of the best and essential factors which are highly needed to acquire clear and unique radio frequency that you are aiming for.


Aside from the different parts of the radio frequency system, we also offer several types of accessories that would also play an important role in your radio frequency. We offer the latest and high quality feeder clamp and grounding kit along with our effective and isolator tape that could greatly help you a lot in making the frequency of your radio clear.

These are some of the excellent products that our company is providing. We make sure that all of these products will have high quality performance in order help people out with their radio frequency needs.  As your leading provider of connectors for radio frequency, we are always pleased to meet and respond to all the needs of our clients through our quality and efficient products.